Warm message from New Zealand

Assalam alykum from Japan.

What a warming words from someone from New Zealand!

We, muslims should be remembering this there are many good sisters/brothers wherever even not believe same religions but before it we are humans.

R.I.P for all victims in NZ.


Organic Hemp Balancing Face oil

Assalam alykum from Japan.

Lately I got this Organic Hemp oil through online shopping.

Just curiosity to use it how works for skin. But I couldn’t realize this small….. not good smell… hahaha. Smell just like GRASS.

So I’m using it mixing with another skin oil.

But this Hemp oil works good with my skin for now. Not sticky though.

Also I got this Coffee Superfood Renewing Facial Exfoliator. It’s a scrub after washed face.

This is also good.

Smell is not so good even…. hahaha.