Walking in the nature 自然の中で散歩

ケニアから、アッサラーム アライクム。



Assalam alykum from Kenya.

At Lake Naivasha, the view from walking. A old lady (60-70yrs) vent her back was walking on her legs with a lots of energy.That’s good for her. She was also cute as wearing colorful fashion.hahaha. Cute.


Splinter splinter tree which Giraffes like. I could understand why they have long tongue.


Admirable cuctus.


Flower of cuctus.


Walking in the nature feels so good! This is African nature. At same time I feel like the nature is very beautiful also very tough….that’s life.


にほんブログ村 海外生活ブログ ケニア情報へ

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