Chinese restaurant

Assalam alykum from Kenya.

ケニアから、アッサラーム アライクム。

Chinese business in Kenya, not only Kenya whole African countries, I feel they are very aggressive and powerful. Hahaha

As below photo, this Family restaurant in the shopping mall. Before this restaurant located was just in a small house next to Nairobi hospital then now it’s such as big restaurant, very improved. There was private room with a mah jongg table.


⬇︎こちらは、比較的新しいショッピングモールの中に入ったfamily restaurant。以前は、ナイロビホスピタルの横にあった一軒家で経営していたお店が、ドーンとモールの中に移転。お店の中も見せてもらいましたが、広かったー。


There is hot pot. (Order buffet style: I didn’t check what included…)

1-3 people: 2000ksh ($25) each person.

More than 3 people: 1800ksh ($20) each person.

They will give you discount.

And a Chinese man who manages restaurant, he is quit funny guy. Good to talk. Hahaha





⬇︎this is Karaoke shop.

Entertaining business is here by Chinese!



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