Korean Drama: The Three Musketeers

Korean Drama:


Now watching episode 5.


White Wall decor

Assalam alykum from Japan.

I’m always looking for something for wall decor when entered shop.

Then just found some useful and not heavy for carry to Kenya/Africa.

(I need DIY them a bit for hanging on wall.)

Anyhow let me try use them then will decide to get more later.


Champignon シャンピニオン

Assalam alykum from Japan.

Just nearby NGK(Namba Ground Kagetsu) : Comedy stage, there is Bread shop Champignon.

Many famous comedians will visit this shop.

I wanted try “cannelé” but all sold. So I have picked simple bread as “cream bread” “purple sweet potato bread” ” curry bread”.

All taste good!!!! Very simple but that’s good.