Lunch with mum

Assalam alykum from Japan.

Main for Big deep fried prawns 🦐 lunch.


Seasoning water eggplants was very fresh.


Girls out

Assalam alykum from Japan.

We were planning to visit different curry restaurant but that restaurant was closed today. So tried another curry restaurant.

Lunch: Shrimp coconuts curry

French toast. It was too much soft like pudding… couldn’t enjoy it honestly. I just don’t understand why people love this…?

Long time no eat this “TAI-YAKI” Japanese hot snack/sweet. Inside sweet red beans.


Thanks for lunch. ランチご馳走になりました。

ケニアから、アッサラーム アライクム。

とある日のランチ。友達の家でご馳走になりましたー。自分では作らない、ホルモン焼き。鳥さんのレバー。砂肝。そして、ホームメイド韓国のナムル、キムチ。 全部、美味しく頂けましたー。ありがとう💖ごちそうさまですっ!

Assalam alykum from Kenya.

Someday’s lunch at friend home, She has cooked for us hormone of chicken. Also home made Kimuch. Thank you💖


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