No water…..水が無くなる

ケニアから、アッサラーム アレイクム。       Assalam alykum from Kenya. 











まず、お洗濯はできなくなります。                         自炊での食事も、ご飯を炊くことをやめます。お米を洗うのに、たくさんの水が必要になるから。必然的に、ヌードル系が続きます。 キッチンでの洗い物も溜めてから1度に洗います。                                  お風呂は毎日入れなくなるので、大きめのタライに、お湯をはって、身体を洗います。シャワーとして、無駄に水を流せないので、タライに湯をためながら、無駄な水を消費しない様に、と言う感じ。髪が長いと大変です。                                                    後はトイレ。笑     

​​Since 2017 (1st Jan) there was started limited water supply from Nairobi water.Its almost October now, still no water continues.          Water will come from Friday evening end up to Saturday night only.                                                 So if I use water as normal, water will be finished in my tanks.                                       Luckily we are only 2 in our house, if don’t use shower everyday water will not empty for a week.                                                                          But tipical African big family can not enough water a week so many family will call Water supply that cost will be 5-6 times than monthly water fee.                                                                 This time our water wasn’t not enough that I’ve realized last Wednesday then found out someone closed our water line instead of another house which not payment water fee fee months.                                                             Management side’s excuses was your water account number and another house water account number is similar…..what a stupid excuses. Actually this was not first time happened.                                                                   So I had to save water since last Wednesday, for this 2days I’m struggling with limited water….  

how do I saving water in daily life…..

I will stop to washing laundry.                           Also stop to cooking steamed rice because washing rice is weast water. Shift cooking noodles basically. Washing plates at the kitchen in twice in a day.   It can not take shower everyday, using BIG bucket with hot water then saving water like that.                                              At the last, it’s toilets. Hahaha