Girls out

Assalam alykum from Japan.

We were planning to visit different curry restaurant but that restaurant was closed today. So tried another curry restaurant.

Lunch: Shrimp coconuts curry

French toast. It was too much soft like pudding… couldn’t enjoy it honestly. I just don’t understand why people love this…?

Long time no eat this “TAI-YAKI” Japanese hot snack/sweet. Inside sweet red beans.



Assalam alykum from Japan.

I’ve just bought “NISHIKAWA” bread which Osaka branch shop came from Gonzaga/Tokyo originally.

Lately it’s boom of BREAD in Osaka/Japan. Everywhere something special (expensive) bread and allways sold out or difficult to get.

Please check photo(above) ALL SOLD (完売御礼).

I was very lucky, Incase I entered the shop for ask something then a staff told me only few breads still we can sale if you want…. maximum 2 bread each person. So I could have one today.

$8/each bread

Honestly……. it’s not very special.

I won’t repeat this… (sorry)

“SENBOKU-DOU” bread is better than this for me.


Cafe time at “ Herbs”

Assalam alykum from Japan.

I had to wait more than 30min for cafe time at everywhere…too many people this weekend…

My mum loves this cafe lately so we stoped by here “Herbs”.

Usually I eat “milcrepe” cake. This time there are several spring season’s cake so I picked “strawberry” one.

2 cakes + 2 drinks


A bit expensive for cafe time but satisfied.


En dehors

I want to have all flavors from this item.

All so good. Just found them at the morning organic marché (only once in a month).

Cream cheese.(No alcohol) And very healthy that each bottle has calorie as two cups of rice.



クリームチーズ(アルコールフリー) 、ひと瓶のカロリーはご飯2杯分でヘルシー。


Organic Hemp Balancing Face oil

Assalam alykum from Japan.

Lately I got this Organic Hemp oil through online shopping.

Just curiosity to use it how works for skin. But I couldn’t realize this small….. not good smell… hahaha. Smell just like GRASS.

So I’m using it mixing with another skin oil.

But this Hemp oil works good with my skin for now. Not sticky though.

Also I got this Coffee Superfood Renewing Facial Exfoliator. It’s a scrub after washed face.

This is also good.

Smell is not so good even…. hahaha.