Up market

Assalam alykum from Japan.

It’s only once in a month, up Market which never visited before.

Around quiet station there are shops.

Inside small building(3floors) for eat in as food court.

I couldn’t eat bagels which I wanted try today…all sold.

Even organic vegetables I couldn’t get what I wanted.

⬇︎I got these favorite breads!

(Last)Two Salt bread

Black sesame bagel

Nuts/dry fruits hard bread

Salt bread….this is very tasty 😋 , could feel butter as croissant.


En dehors

I want to have all flavors from this item.

All so good. Just found them at the morning organic marché (only once in a month).

Cream cheese.(No alcohol) And very healthy that each bottle has calorie as two cups of rice.



クリームチーズ(アルコールフリー) 、ひと瓶のカロリーはご飯2杯分でヘルシー。