Famous teeth paste in Taiwan

Assalam alykum from Japan.

This is non chemical teeth paste. “黒人”.

And famous in Taiwan. You can find it at everywhere supermarket/ drag store.

I can not read Chinese language but could guess.

黒人 teeth paste!!!

I like it. Will get it more next time.



Assalam alykum from Japan.

⬇︎Please look how different these eggs. ⬇︎

Right: chicken’s egg

Left: duck’s egg

My mum have gotten them at Taipei. She loves these duck’s egg.

These eggs are already boiled and very salty.

Good with eating rice.


Up market

Assalam alykum from Japan.

It’s only once in a month, up Market which never visited before.

Around quiet station there are shops.

Inside small building(3floors) for eat in as food court.

I couldn’t eat bagels which I wanted try today…all sold.

Even organic vegetables I couldn’t get what I wanted.

⬇︎I got these favorite breads!

(Last)Two Salt bread

Black sesame bagel

Nuts/dry fruits hard bread

Salt bread….this is very tasty 😋 , could feel butter as croissant.


En dehors

I want to have all flavors from this item.

All so good. Just found them at the morning organic marché (only once in a month).

Cream cheese.(No alcohol) And very healthy that each bottle has calorie as two cups of rice.



クリームチーズ(アルコールフリー) 、ひと瓶のカロリーはご飯2杯分でヘルシー。