SIM Card at arriving Malaysia SIMカード買ってネットと電話の開通

Assalam alykum from Malaysia.

マレーシアからアッサラーム アライクム。

After through arriving of the airport, there are several SIM shops.

⬇︎”digi” was the Company which Free wi-fi in the airport so I have picked digi SIM card. (Each different companies almost same condition for travelers use. Minimum from 7days)


⬇︎空港のFree Wi-Fiが”digi”だったので、digiのSIMカードを選択。


⬇︎another company’s one.


It’s 24 hours open this airport, you don’t need to worry about it.

(I’ve arrived at 04:00am)

It’s also very simple easy to setting SIM card to your phone, just change your SIM card that’s it.

Just your phone must be Free SIM card type.