KRA iTAX ケニアでの確定申告 6月まで

Assalam alykum from Kenya.

ケニアから、アッサラーム アライクム。

It’s in June in Kenya, Tax apply for PIN Number holders.


I’ve heard that every KRA PIN number holders must to apply Tax return/nil return. Even not working person included housewife. But some people says dont need it if you are not working. Also there is penalties 10,000ksh if they do not apply it.

ケニアでKRAのPIN Numberを持ってる人は、その全てが対象。申請をしないと行けないらしい。働いてても、働いてなくても、主婦でも、全て。と聞きましたが、主婦はしなくても問題ない、と言う人もいる。また、申請をしない人に対してのペナルティは10,000ksh($100)がある、という。

Incase I have tried to log in online systems iTAX, but couldn’t work, just showing error. It seems not activated yet. Well…. this means I must to visit somewhere KRA office, what an inconvenient. Incase I will ask husband’s (accountant man) before I visit to KRA office, need someone’s advice.


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